The flavour of the TYPIK Olive Tomato Sauce is first and foremost the result of the rigorous selection of ripe tomatoes with Tunisian sunshine. Our preparers make this delicious sauce by adding ground carrots, white onions for their sweetness and crunch. Black olives harvested on the Tunisian soil, add a fruity taste, with a perfect touch of bitterness. The seasoning is carefully seasoned with paprika and fresh basil to enhance this Mediterranean sauce.

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TYPIK Olive Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes used in the TYPIK Olive Tomato Sauce come exclusively from the Tunisian terroir in the region of El Haouaria. KSAR Production has partnered with a multitude of farmers who prefer a crop without pesticides or insecticides. Tomatoes are harvested at maturity to preserve all their nutritional values: they are indeed an important source of vitamins – A, B3, B6, E and K, minerals and trace elements (copper, manganese, potassium). Olives from the Tomato Sauce are all harvested in Tunisia. The variety selected for this tomato sauce is the chétoui for its fruity taste combined with a touch of bitterness.


• Our gourmet has on his menu the tuna steak snacked with Typik Olive Tomato Sauce. For 4 people, peel and mince 2 cloves of garlic and 1 red onion and fry them in the pan with a little olive oil. Then add the contents of a jar of Olive Typik Tomato Sauce and reduce for 10 minutes. Cook 4 nice fresh tuna steaks in a skillet over high heat with a drizzle of olive oil, 2 minutes on each side. Serve the tuna steaks with the tomato sauce on top. Arrange a pretty fresh basil leaf on top. Serve with a small rice kettle.

• Our gourmet’s Peperonata is ultra simple. For 4 people, sweat 1 red onion over low heat. Then cut 4 peppers in half, remove the stem, seeds and internal filaments. Cut them into strips and add them to the pan. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then add 1 jar of the Typik Olive Tomato Sauce. The cooking will be finished when the mixture is consolidated on the wooden spoon. Season with oregano. Peperonata can be enjoyed warm or cold, with white meat or cold meats. It is also delicious as an aperitif with sesame breadsticks.


The producers selected for this delicious TYPIK Olive Tomato Sauce are remunerated in line with the high level of quality achieved by these select partners. The culinary preparation is then carried out in a laboratory using photovoltaic energy or waste recycling to minimize environmental impact.


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