TYPIK Orange Blossom Honey is the promise of a trip for delicacy and sweetness. Selected from a Cape Bon beekeeper, TYPIK Orange Blossom Honey offers an intense and sweet aroma with many properties and benefits.
Mainly made from the nectar of citrus fruits such as orange and lemon, this creamy honey with light amber colour is the perfect sugar substitute for all uses.

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TYPIK Orange Blossom Honey

Mohamed, producer of Cap Bon, son and grandson of producer, has been selected for making TYPIK Orange Blossom Honey. His values and commitments in the breeding of honey bees are exceptional and reflect all the love that can bear them. Aware of the problems related to the disappearance of this insect essential to the pollination of flowers and plants, our beekeeper ensures the installation of his hives near orange and lemon trees whose cultivation is carried out without pesticide or insecticide.
TYPIK Orange Blossom Honey is an excellent source of energy: rich in minerals such as potassium, fructose or glucose, it also helps to strengthen the immune system. It is also an excellent antioxidant, a natural tranquilizer that promotes sleep. So many alibis to justify its daily consumption!


• Our gourmet first invites you to taste the pure honey. Two teaspoons of honey a day bring all the benefits in terms of energy without any guilt as this product is natural. TYPIK Orange Blossom Honey also finds its place at breakfast time or to sweeten all your gourmet desserts.
• Surprise your guests during your brunches and offer delicious beghirs with TYPIK Orange Blossom Honey. The beghir, this pancake with a thousand holes, prepare with 500 ml of water, 7,05 oz of extra fine semolina, 100 gr (3,5 oz) of flour, 10 gr (0,35 oz) of sugar,10 gr (0,35 oz) of fresh yeast, fleur de sel, one packet of baking powder. Mix it all in the blender and cook your beghirs in a pan after resting the dough for at least an hour. Then heat in another pan, over very low heat, 40 gr (1,40 oz) of butter and 5 tablespoons of honey. As soon as the mixture is melted and creamy, soak your beghirs and enjoy quickly.


The producers selected to prepare this exceptional Honey are remunerated in line with the high level of quality achieved by these select partners. The culinary preparation is then carried out in a laboratory using photovoltaic energy or waste recycling to minimize environmental impact.


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