TYPIK Strawberry & Rose Petal Jam is certainly the most amazing jam of all. By its creaminess first of all which is a direct invitation to gluttony. Its scent then subtly mixes the sweet and refreshing taste of strawberries with notes of head and heart so recognizable roses. To achieve this brilliant result, our preparers choose the varieties of seasonal roses that offer a delicate and sweet flavor like the Damascus Rose, the 100-leaf Rose or the Rough Rose. Stripped, washed and dried, they are previously candied in sugar to perfect the desired aroma. The most beautiful Camarosa strawberries are selected to perform this elegant wedding. To sublimate them, they are macerated in a sugar bath for a day and then cooked slowly in a cauldron. Fruit pectin and lemon are the only other two guests of this perfect pairing.

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TYPIK Strawberry & Rose Petal Jam

The variety of roses used in this incredible jam comes from the production of Marwen. They are picked only fresh to preserve all their fragrances. Our strawberry producer Camarosa cultivates this spring fruit without pesticide or insecticide to guarantee a sweet-acidulous taste very aromatic while preserving intact nutrients such as vitamin A and B9, as well as the antioxidants that give them its beautiful red color.


• TYPIK Strawberry & Rose Petal Jam is the favorite of our gourmet. He suggests you taste it on slices of toast to savour all the delicacy and enjoy its intoxicating scents.
• For a refined «tea-time», our gourmet shares his recipe of muffins with Strawberry Jam and Rose Petals TYPIK. For a dozen Muffins, pour a plain Greek yogurt into a large bowl and use it as a measure. Add 2 jars of sugar, 1 sachet of vanilla sugar and mix. Add 3 eggs, 3 pots of flour, 1 sachet of baking powder, ½ jar of sunflower oil and 3 tablespoons of Strawberry Jam and Rose Petals TYPIK. Add 150 gr (5,29 OZ) of fresh strawberries, cut into pieces. Mix gently. Pour the mixture into the muffin boxes that have been placed on a baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes. Serve with an intense mint green tea to enhance the perfect taste of these muffins.


The producers selected to prepare this delicious TYPIK Strawberry Jam and Rose Petals are remunerated in line with the high level of quality achieved by these select partners. The culinary preparation is then carried out in a laboratory using photovoltaic energy or waste recycling to minimize environmental impact.


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